Tuesday, March 27, 2007

VOTE FOR TODD: Threadless T-Shirt Contest

T-shirt wizards Threadless are running a contest to promote the new game Bioshock, and I've submitted an entry. Grand prize for the winning design includes an Xbox 360, a one-year Xbox Live subscription, $1,500 cash and mad T-shirts. The theme for this contest is "Descent into Rapture", which refers to the underwater city setting of the game, although the guidelines encourage liberal interpretation of the phrase.

I was surprised that no one approached the concept from this angle before myself, so hopefully I'll score points for originality. Click the link below to vote for my design- and spread the word! Thank you for helping out. If you're in the city and voted for me, you can come over and play the game if/when I win!

Bioshock Loves Threadless: Descent Into the Rapture

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