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The Wisdom of Bush 265


...stands for U.N.I.T.Y.!

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Off The Grid is Off The Chain

This gets me so hyped up for the NFL season that four more months of baseball feels helplessly ponderous in comparison. Can't we get Portis, Shaq, Chris Bosh and Chad Johnson on some sort of "All-Stars of Comedy" tour, please? And- HEY! There's Rich Eisen, New York!

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The Wisdom of Bush 258


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TOPIC 11: Escape

TOPIC is a non-fiction literary magazine containing absorbing stories and stellar photography. Each issue tackles one unifying theme such as "Food" or "Games"; the latest deals with "Escape." "The Experts" feature, which I had the pleasure of illustrating this issue, raises questions of importance with those who know the subject best. There's an article today on theispot's Art Talk board with some more info and images from the project: click here.

The Wisdom of Bush 255

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Obama Kart

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