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Can't Make This Up

Especially when it comes from my hometown:
"Timothy Riendeau, of Eden Lane, New Milford, was arrested at his home after leaving the scene of an assault at the Hit & Run Deli on Kent Road."

New Work: "The Simple Life", Nashville Scene

The recent week-long absence of TWOB was due to the countless hours I spent on this new piece, the cover of Tennessee's biggest alt-weekly, the Nashville Scene (owned by Village Voice media.) The art director asked me to illustrate the celebrity exodus to Nashville using a famous Music Row landmark, Alan LeQuire's giant "Musica" sculpture. This cover is arguably the biggest exposure I've had in my career and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. You can read Tracy Moore's cover article here and also see the illustration in its original state, without the pastoral background.

UPDATE: There's also a story about this on theispot.com's Art News board.

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Here's a desktop wallpaper of your old pal Facebones!

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