Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Work: "The Phantom Hourglass"

You may be wondering why there's been so few cartoons recently. Unfortunately the cartoons don't pay the bills over here at the factory so I'm building up my color portfolio for the new year. Come January there will be some major developments for "The Wisdom of Bush" which I have yet to announce, so expect the cartoon to be back in full force in 2008. Until then, I intend to keep churning out color work on a regular basis when my schedule permits. I also want to thank the nine of you who Google Analytics tells me visit the blog regularly and support my struggle-ling career in the arts. Your eyeballs keep me going!


Anonymous said...

you are welcome.
i dont check your blog because i like it or you.
i am just a stalker.

j/k keep it all up man. hope to see you during the holiday seasonal affect.-liz

Anonymous said...

Totally self-interest on my part (ha ha) -- you never fail to make me laugh -- Love you -- LSU

Anonymous said...

Only nine people regularly?

Thanks for all the great wisdoms, helps me get through workdays :)