Saturday, July 05, 2008

Deez Nuts

I'm gonna dog (dur-hur) Major League Baseball again: the eating competition at Coney Island yesterday was hands-down more exciting than any nine innings I've seen all year. That ball popping out of Damon's glove onto the outfield wall now ranks as the most memorable Yankee moment of 2008 thus far, which is sad.

Cousins of Ron Mexico, in a guest post at The Big Lead on Thursday, was kind enough to addend my Takeru Kobayashi portrait to his Best Nathan's Preview Ever. Kobayashi's solemn focus contrasted with Joey Chestnut's Walker Wiggle of consumption is sport at it's most captivating. The American capturing the Mustard Belt in consecutive years may be the start of a new reign of home-court glutton domination.

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